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GPRONS, Global Projects Engineering & Services, is an established engineering education and consulting firm.  We offer a complete line of educational consulting services to clients all around the world. Engineers and engineering companies come to us for projects executions, engineering solutions and specialized instrumentation, as well as customized educational programs. With GPRONS, you and your projects are in highly capable hands.

GPRONS’s Mission

  1. Management and execution of multidisciplinary projects linked to the sectors of oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical, mining and steel, electric power, sugar refining, paper production, manufacturing companies, consulting engineering companies, food and beverage; management of projects in an integrated manner – this includes all engineering disciplines, planning, environment, cost, maintenance, operations, and all stakeholders involved in all phases of conceptual engineering, basic, detail, procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up.
  2. Design and development of all whole "deliverables" required in a project by the instrumentation and control engineering discipline.
  3. Web site design and software development.
  4. Installation, calibration, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of measuring and control instruments and quality measurement instruments in refineries.
  5. Development of management plans for maintenance of measurement and control instruments and quality measurement instruments in refineries.
  6. Design and troubleshooting for artificial lift and production surface facilities. Enhanced oil recovery and steam injection studies for improving heavy crude recovery factor. Recommendation for: well completion, sand control, viscosity reducing agents, and artificial lift equipment.
  7. Optimization of wells and production increase trough IPR and well testing, troubleshooting surface facilities and upgrading heavy oil through cold cracking processes. Supply well completion and artificial lift equipment at very competitive prices.
  8. Design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for all equipment and systems of feeding control and power house for rigs.
  9. Seismic interpretation, geology, oil & gas reserves certification.
  • 2D/3D seismic data integration and interpretation along with well data.
  • Identification of major structures within the Suriname onshore and offshore basins.
  • Seismic structural mapping of main stratigraphic reflectors (time and elevation maps).
  • Definition and identification of main Prospects and Leads within those basins.
  • Quantification of potential hydrocarbon in place within those Prospects and Leads.

(Prospective Resources).

  • Quality control of seismic and well data.
  • Integration and structural and stratigraphic analogy with neighbor productive basins.
  • Use of state of the art seismic 2D/3D interpretation platforms such as Kingdom© and Petrel © to conduct the study.
  1. Training of engineering professionals and technicians (on- and off-site). We assume and compromised us to prepare technically your personnel so we are in continuous innovation and implementation of technologies to improve method to achieve our objectives in the transmission of knowledge in our seminars and workshops with high level and quality.

About Our Engineering Firm’s Board

Argenis García, President

Mr. García, a specialist in instrumentation and control, is an electrical engineer (University of Colorado), with a specialization in project management (Andres Bello Catholic University, UCAB, Venezuela), with 35 years of experience in design, maintenance, construction, commissioning, operations, and technical training. He has worked in cryogenics, refineries, orimulsion, and oil dehydration plants, the sweetening of gas, gas compressor plants, tank farms, pump stations, flow stations, and on oil and gas pipelines. Duties have included management of all stages of projects and engineering, specifications and selection of instruments, and drawings design, QAQC, HAZOP, purchasing, and construction specs. He served as a member of specialist teams to develop and review instrumentation standards according to the Manual of Engineering and Design of PDVSA. He also served as a technical instructor of standards engineering design at the International Center of Education and Development of PDVSA-CIED. He served as an IEEE Officer of the student chapter at the University of Colorado (1983). He has trained over 2000 people including engineers, technicians, and operators. http://www.isa-emea-expo.org/speaker/argenis-garcia

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